A cooling system provides coolness and dehumidification to the inside of a home or other building. Air conditioners and heat pumps actually produce a cooling effect by removing heat energy out of the building through the refrigerant cycle.

Central air conditioners are available from 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) single-stage units to 26 SEER variable-capacity systems. Each SEER point increase reduces electrical consumption by 8%, making it possible to install a system that uses less than half the electricity than the entry-level option.

Older air conditioners range from 6 to 10 SEER, so replacing an outdated, improperly sized, or poorly installed system can result in significant operational and maintenance cost savings.

Alternative systems are available in homes or buildings where there is no duct work. High-velocity systems or ductless mini splits can be used to provide comfort.

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