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When you need to bring in the professionals for repair or maintenance to your commercial heating and cooling system, it’s not as simple as calling up the first contractor you come across in an online search. While there are often many options for contractors for hire, it’s important to understand that commercial units are an entirely different beast than the smaller residential systems and, as such, require a great deal of specific training and experience to handle them.

Depending on the site specifics, commercial units often contain highly intricate mechanics that allow for one system to seamlessly provide all of an environment’s climate control in one combined unit. In addition, they also frequently have capacity adjustment capabilities built in that allow for growth within the commercial space they were designed for. The details and layouts of commercial systems are much different than those of their smaller residential counterparts. As a result, they require a much different service and maintenance plan as well as differing greatly on the repair aspect.

Since there is such an immense difference between commercial and residential HVAC systems, it’s imperative that any contactor hired to service them have ample experience dealing specifically with commercial units. Your first step in choosing the right technician for your company’s cooling and heating repair and maintenance needs should always be to verify that they are, first and foremost, qualified and experienced in handling commercial work.

At CTI Mechanical, we have over 2 decades of experience with both commercial and residential contract work. Our team works seamlessly together on all commercial projects and we are capable of providing your company with any needed maintenance or repairs to keep you up and running with minimal interruption to your business needs.


Choosing Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Near You

The multi-component AC systems used commercially today require a very skilled set of hands and eyes to properly maintain and repair. Knowing what to look for when researching potential contractors for your company system can help ease the uncertainty of bringing a new technician on site.

For starters, ensure your potential contractor is well-versed in commercial units and look to find one with an established track record in your area. Local contractors with proven experience will have the greatest likelihood of offering the fastest and most knowledgeable service. Since a downed AC can cause major issues for businesses, locating a contractor who is both experienced and local will give you the best chances for getting back up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

While experience and location are two critical components when looking to hire a commercial AC contractor, there are other factors to consider as well. You’ll want to research area licensing requirements and make sure any potential servicer has the proper legal accreditations before stepping foot on your property. Once you’ve verified a contractor has all of these attributes, you should take a look at their ratings and reviews. These will give you a better idea of the caliber of work prospective servicers have provided to their previous clients and the quality you can expect from them at your own facility.




At CTI Mechanical, we have decades of training and experience in the commercial HVAC world. Our staff has well over 150 years of combined work in the field, and that number continues to grow every day. We believe in investing in the training and expertise of our team in order to develop the best technicians in the business and provide the best possible services to our clients. Our staff is kept up to date on all current technologies and trends with weekly training sessions so they can offer our customers the highest degree of care.

In addition to our training and experience, the certified technicians with CTI Mechanical offer our clients complete availability, no matter the day or time. When your business is down due to heating or cooling issues, getting back to normal operational levels – even just for comfort reasons – is crucial to productivity practices, and we understand that. Our office staff members are available to our clients as soon as possible. An experienced staff member is here to take your call and initiate all repair and maintenance needs, addressing your problem and providing a viable solution that is tailored to your demands. If your system is down, we’re here for you.

We’ve built so many lasting relationships with our clients over the years, and we are proud of the work we’ve done with so many in our community. We also take great pride in the 5-star ratings we’ve earned with those we’ve serviced over the decades. We look forward to decades more of providing the same innovative and quality commercial HVAC services in the area!

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